Back To School Checklist of Frisco ISD Includes Electronic Cigarette Prohibition

by Olivia

Frisco Independent School District in Texas has provided a back to school checklist for new student and members of the faculty.  The list, according to the school administrators, will serve as some sort of guideline pointers so that students will know what they are expected to do when school begins on August 26.  The list, as one from the vaping industry would expect, includes electronic cigarette prohibition.

Preparing For A New School Year

For the new school year, Frisco ISD will be welcoming over 3,400 new students.  The online registration via Infosnap definitely eliminated 95% congestion that the Frisco schools handle each year on paper registration.  Guardians and parents of students were given snapcodes and email instruction on how they can register their children online.  Starting August 7, those who are new to Friscco ISD can visit the school campus where paper registration must first be completed and where instructions will be provided and requirements will be submitted.

Jamie Driskill, the assistant director for ISD community relation and marketing, stated that new residents are encouraged to contact the school, personally visit the campus and meet the school staff.  The district likes its teachers to immediately obtain information from students right on the first day of school so that they can also immediately get in touch with the students’ parents.

Registration Opportunities

Suppose a parent has no access to a computer or if he/she has language assistance needs, there are three opportunities that can be taken advantage of to register the student. The first is at Bright Elementary on August 7. Next, is at Christie Elementary on August 8 and last is at Hunt Middle School on August 12.  For all the said dates, registration is open from 4:30 in the afternoon until 7:30 in the evening.

New residents of Frisco area are also invited and encouraged to participate in the Parents Teachers Association groups in each school campus.  Everyone is also persuaded to form and join carpools that will offer safer transportation alternatives to students if they live in places where school buses are not provided.  Allowing children to walk to school can be quite dangerous these times with so many assailants and criminals lurking around. Aside from school buses, private shuttles like Frisco Shuttle are also catering student transportation.

Prohibited Items To Be Brought Or Had In School

Just like other school districts, Frisco ISD has also prepared its new policy for school year 2013-2014. Student handbooks in ISD were also modified to cover the modern issues and problems that the administrators might be challenged to cope with. Electronic cigarette prohibition is just one example.

Nowadays, the market for electronic cigarettes is gaining and growing. Many adult smokers are turning to electronic cigarette kits are replacements for smoking. These new products are considered safer than traditional cigarettes because they only deliver nicotine, not the other harmful toxins and components of tobacco.  These products are available in many exciting flavors like fruits, cola, chocolate and vanilla that are sure to entice minors. Thus, school districts like Frisco ISD are taking the necessary measures of implementing electronic cigarette prohibition to help children kept away from smoking.

In Frisco schools, there were no major incidents reported that involved the use of these devices,  but the electronic cigarette prohibition was already included in the student handbook to prevent prevalent use of electronic cigarettes from reaching the Frisco school grounds.

Frisco, A Remarkable School District

The new superintendent Jeremy Lion who only joined Frisco ISD last January stated that everything he has known and heard about it is true: that it is such a remarkable school district and Frisco is also a wonderful place.  According to the superintendent, more students are expected to register this school year than other years in the past. This is because many parents are now discovering how great a place Frisco is in raising children in a safe and good community. In Frisco, parents can also send their kids to an exceptional school district.

Frisco also has its own website,, where all the needed information for back to school programs as well as education initiatives of ISD.  Apart from the website, Frisco ISD also runs its School Beat, a bi-monthly newsletter that is sent through email. Parents are welcome to sign up for School Beat subscription when they register or via the website.  Moreover, there is also a free mobile application that the school district offers for free: Frisco ISD that can be used on Android phones and iPhones for calendars, maps, menus for lunch and other updates.

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