Electronic Cigarette Ban On Minors Supported By ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes

by Johny

Electronic cigarette vaping is like tobacco smoking that is not supposed to be intended for minors. Therefore, different places not only in the US, but also in other countries around the world, have implemented electronic cigarette ban that would prohibit sale, promotion and access of the products to young people under the legal age.

One with this goal to protect minors, ProSmoke, one of the leading companies in the vaping industry implemented ‘We Card’ Training program. This is ProSmoke’s ways of showing support to the electronic cigarette ban to the youth. ProSmoke is an online store based in the US. It offers excellent electronic cigarette devices, flavored cartridges, disposables and more.

What ‘We Card’ Is

‘We Card’ Training Program is recognized nationally as an education and sales training program that aims to help in the prevention of access by the juveniles to tobacco products and other products not intended for them like electronic cigarettes. Ever since 1995, this training program has been offering retailers, trade associations, community groups and even government agencies with necessary education and supplies that can be used inside stores. All these will help keep underage citizens away from products that are prohibited to them.

This program teaches and provides tools to store clerks and managers how they can assure they are catering only to legal aged clients. They can ask for IDs, spot fraud or fake identifications, avoid confrontations with customers with appropriate techniques, use verification tools correctly and other tips on how they can efficiently implement the goal of this training. The program has already trained and educated more than 296,000 employees, managers and retail owners through online or (2,100 and more) classroom sessions.

ProSmoke Leading The Way

This initiative by ProSmoke is brought upon by the recent electronic cigarette ban that is imposed on many places. Some of the countries that have implemented age-restricted electronic cigarettes ban are New York, Idaho, California, Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire and Tennessee. Furthermore, the FDA has already stated that it has plans on regulating the products very soon. Through this, the company sees itself as example for other companies in performing business as they must.

The training will ensure that ProSmoke’s business and even its retail partners will have every required resource on preventing minors from buying and accessing electronic cigarettes, paraphernalia and other accessories.

According to the Company, although their products are tobacco free, some of the items they sell actually have nicotine, a substance that makes tobacco smoking addictive. Through implementation of WE Card training, Pro Smoke can ensure their products will not reach the hands of individuals not supposed to use them.

As of the moment, ProSmoke is already implementing prohibitions of product sales to customers below the age of 18with the age verification techniques from the We Card program. This is in full support of the company to any legislation and national initiatives to keep young people away from products not recommended for them. Other details about the responsible retail of electronic cigarettes can be found from the company’s website.

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