Electronic Cigarettes, Among The Topics Discussed On First Day Of School In Dickson County

by Johny

With the new school year 2013-2014 beginning, school officials and administrators surely does not want to be unprepared.  Facilities were refurbished, teaching materials were set up and school rules were established.  In Dickson County, Tennessee, for example, the first day of school was not only filled with laughter and excitement from students who once again meet their classmates and teachers. Everyone was also required to listen to the discussion of the school policies by the school officials. Included in these policies is the prohibition of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are definitely hot and trending not just among smokers and vapers. They are also hot in the eyes of regulators such as school leaders who try to keep young students away from smoking.  Electronic cigarettes are devices with battery, cartridge and atomizers. They contain e-liquid that is heated and transformed into vapor that the user can inhale.

The act of using electronic cigarettes looks the same as smoking. The user draws and puffs vapor from the device as a smoker draws and puffs smoke from a cigarette. Although electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, school regulators prohibit them because they may contain nicotine and also looks like smoking real cigarettes.

First Day Of School In Dickson County

Children entered their schools and fund their classrooms.  They listened and took note of the things they need to do and also what they were expected to do.  The first day of school was certainly met with high enthusiasm.  The district office was quiet because all supervisors were sent and dispatched to different school. In fact, DR. Danny Weeks, director of the schools, he had toured some of the campuses; in cafeterias, classrooms and auditoriums.

In Dickson County High School

At lunch time, Weeks, was at Dickson County High School where he stated the food themes for each day of the week.  Monday, according to him is dog day as students will eat or be served with hotdogs, corn dogs and the likes.  Tuesdays are for chicken dishes; pizzas on Wednesdays; international cuisines on Thursdays and Fridays will be hamburgers.  Such food themes, according to Weeks, will help parents.

The assistant principal, Joey Holley, of the Dickson County High School discussed about school rules and proper behavior with inside the auditorium where all students were gathered.  It was here where he also touched the topic on electronic cigarettes and tobacco products. Holley reminded everyone that no electronic cigarettes or tobacco products can be possessed or used in the campus.

Everything Went Smoothly

The staffers at Dickson Middle School reported that everything went well on the first school day of the school year.  At SBES or Stuart-Burns Elementary School, Rhiannon Mason, the principal stated that everything was also smooth. Last school year, she served at SBES as assistant principal so everyone there were familiar with her.

In William James Middle School, Principal Jan Ford, said that the first day was painless and smooth.

Access On Tobacco Products By The Youth

Banning tobacco products and electronic cigarettes in schools is an action that is in parallel with the law in Tennessee that restricts tobacco product access by the youth. Under this law, the agricultural department is tasked to perform unannounced and random visits at various places where these products are distributed or sold.  These visits will help ensure that each store, seller, retailer or distributor is complying with the state law that prevents sales of electronic cigarettes and tobacco to underage buyers.

In Tennessee, it is against the law for anyone to distribute and sell electronic cigarettes and tobacco to any other person below 18 years old. It is also illegal for anyone to buy or obtain such products on behalf of a minor or intended to be given to a minor.

No person should entice, promote, assist or instruct a minor to attempt to buy, to receive, to acquire and to buy the prohibited products.  Anyone who is caught violating this law will receive appropriate penalties.

First violation will be penalized with a warning letter. Second violation will be penalized with civil penalty of up to $500. Third violation will be punished with up to $1000 fine and $1500 (for five years) for the fourth and succeeding regulations.

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