Electronic Cigarettes And Fracking Alike In Parallel Worlds

by Johny

In this world we live in, we often find two different things caught up or involved in similar scenarios; and thus, we think and contemplate whatever we might learn from them.  One excellent example is fracking and electronic cigarettes.

What Fracking Is

Fracking refers to the method of drilling sideways and deep down so as to untap the natural gas. With fracking, people were able to obtain fuel that is much cleaner if compared to coal. Yet, as for anything that people discover, fracking has earned supporters as well as adversaries. There are those who acknowledge fracking of natural gas as link to renewable energy; but opponents are worried that this method might contribute to higher pollution levels in the atmosphere and might contaminate the groundwater.  Critics claim that mankind is still very much into fossil fuel.


Electronic Cigarettes Treading The Same Path

In a parallel world, electronic cigarettes seem to be walking on the same path as fracking.  They were invented by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik back in 2000, after his father died of tobacco smoking-related disease. Lik’s loss inspired him to come up with a new-age device that will deliver nicotine and will be enjoyed by smokers; yet will not expose them to tobacco dangers.  In 2004, China was the first to know and use the modern electronic cigarettes.  In 2006-2007, European and American smokers were captured by these devices.

Electronic cigarettes gained popularity because smokers find them safer than tobacco cigarettes.  Using the device, the liquid solution contained in the cartridge is turned to vapor by the atomizer that draws power from the battery.  The solution basically contains liquid nicotine, water, flavoring and propylene glycol.  This vaporized nicotine can be drawn and puffed by the vaper, as one would with a regular cigarette. Hand-to-mouth actions are also enjoyed through vaping.

Obviously, there is no tobacco combustion involved in vaping. Burning of tobacco is one way by which tar, toxins and carbon monoxide are released to the air, wreaking havoc to the smoker, surrounding people and the environment.  No tobacco smoke is produced; no ash, no cigarette butts that can add up to the amounting wastes of the world.  Due to the inconveniences caused by tobacco smoking, government and legislators banned cigarette use in practically everywhere.

Conversely, electronic cigarettes are different from tobacco cigarettes because they produce water vapor and not repugnant smoke.  Despite the absence of tobacco potential harms, electronic cigarettes can still deliver nicotine. Thus, many former smokers admit that these devices served then as bridge toward quitting.  They attest that their switch to vaping allowed them to experience improvements in their health that was compromised because of smoking. Yet, just like fracking, opponents still find faults and flaws that will make users fearful in continuing to use or even trying out electronic cigarettes.  Opponents say that these products will only make people remain addicted to smoking.  Regulations, prohibitions and policies were soon approved and implemented.

Popularity Of Electronic Cigarettes

The popularity of these devices would not be stopped by their adversaries. Despite objections from regulators, more and more people are purchasing the devices.  In fact, in Boston, the government reported that 61 permits were already issued to stores that want to sell the devices since March of this year, an amount that is more than five times the number of permits issued during the same period the previous year.  The electronic cigarette industry is certainly promising a lucrative rate of return that even giant tobacco firms like Altria, Reynolds American and Lorillard are beginning to venture and tap this promising market.

Divided Medical Community

Prohibitionists demand that more studies be performed to certify that electronic cigarettes are safe. Yet, even medical experts have differing stands on these products. Some doctors believe that electronic cigarettes are effective tools in tobacco harm reduction; but this benefit is trivial to those who oppose them.  Everyone is awaiting regulation by the FDA. Back in 2010, the FDA lost battle in court to ban importation of the products from China.  Instead, the judge who ruled the case made a suggestion to consider the devices as tobacco products.  Following the suggestion, some states and cities soon made legislations to consider them as tobacco.

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