Getting Along Well With Your Ejuice

by Johny

Ejuice is another crucial component of vaping aside from the battery.  Once your ordered liquid is delivered to you, there are several things you also need to know and to apply in order to take full advantage of it.  Here are some of them.

Steep If Recommended

There are juices that are good to vape freshly made and there are also those that need to be steeped.  The vendor would usually recommend if a liquid must be steeped or not.  Steeping is allowing the liquid to develop more complex flavor by leaving in a cool dark room for 3-10 days.  Steeping usually results to darker colored juice thought to be caused by the oxidation of nicotine.

Proper storage of liquids are in dark places as light or exposure to light can create chemical reactions in the liquid, which can affect the flavor.

Shake The Bottle

Getting Along Well With Your EjuiceShaking the bottle of the ejuice once in a while can help even out and mix the components of the liquid.

Add More VG or PG To Dilute Nicotine

Not all smokers are into hard and hard hitting niciotine. Some like it only subtle and mild. Thus, if you notice that your liquid offers a too harsh nicotine hit, add more VG or PG. More VG would likewise improve vapor production.

Know What Can Give Better Throat Hit

If you think that your liquid lacks in kick, you need to know how to improve the throat hit it delivers.  One is by adding Everclear or pure grain alcohol; not too much, but 1-2 drops only.  This is an alternative to adding more nicotine in your juice to render more hits.   Also, remember that menthol and cinnamon flavored e-liquids are known to offer better throat hits than other flavors.  Likewise, e-liquids with PG base are better in delivering throat hits than those with VG bases.

Different Viscosities From Different Vendors

PG liquids are thinner while VG liquids are thicker. Some vendors, however, alter the viscosity through the addition of distilled water.  VG can create more vapors, but the flavor is compromised. PG offers more flavors, but produces fewer vapors.  It is best to experiment until you know what ratio fits you preferences best.

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