Hon Lik Fights For Rights As Ecig Inventor

by Johny

Electronic cigarette users look up to Hon Lik, the inventor of the first commercially viable ecig device.  However, his life is not affluent like other inventors who have made money out of their ingenious creations.

Where Hon Lik Is Now

Hon Lik Fights For Rights As Ecig InventorThe now 57-year old pharmacist now works in a small Beijing office.  He said that has contributed immensely to society by introducing smokers with a better alternative to smoking, the unhealthiest thing in society.

Electronic cigarettes are products that sell greatly in the market and everyone would have probably thought that as the ecig inventor, Lik is by now a rich man.  Unfortunately, he said that that his life is far from a rich man’s life due to all the troubles the company has dealt with.

Back in 2003, Lik was a medical researcher and also a smoker trying to quit a habit he has taken during his teenage years.  He used to consume a pack of traditional cigarettes in one day.

He said he always forgot to take off his nicotine patch at night and he would suffer from nightmares. In one of his dreams, he saw himself drowning in vapor cloud from which he got his inspiration to create the product.

One year after, he perfected his design and then sold the products lucratively.  In 2006, Ruyan has been producing all day and all night to meet high demands.  However, media reported that his products are addictive and causes hearts attacks, which caused sales to decline.

The Causes Of His Demise

It is true that there are now hundreds of different companies making and offering electronic cigarettes. Many of them are just copycats of Lik’s creation.  His patents are about to be sold to mImperial Tobacco of Britain for $75 million, but according to Lik, he will see just a little extra because whatever profits he has gained were mostly spent for copyright disputes. Negative publicity even adds insult to injury.

Moreover, the ecig competition is ever increasing. With a lot of other companies to contend with, even if he offers the original, some people would most likely other products in the market; those that were merely copied from Lik’s original product.

Legal disputes involving infringement, irresponsible advertising and more are a few of the company’s ordeals.  Proceeds from Imperial Tobacco’s acquisition will be spent for his company, leaving a very small amount for himself.

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