JuiceDb.Com Is The New Source For E-liquid Reviews

by Johny

Electronic cigarette reviews are often all about the device; such as how long its battery would last, how stylish its design and packaging is, how long battery charging should be or what other accessories can be used with it.

Nevertheless, there is still another aspect about vaping that every user also needs to consider and it is about the quality of e-liquid. Apparently, e-liquid reviews are as important as device and packaging reviews.

Why E-liquid Reviews Matter

Just as there are hundreds of brands of electronic cigarettes a consumer can choose from, there are even more varieties of e-liquids that he/she must also select from. The varieties seem to be endless with new juice vendors appearing in the market every day. Furthermore, juices even have similar names that would add to your confusion.

E-liquid reviews will help a vaper to really know about what a flavored liquid tastes. Sometimes, the label on an e-liquid bottle does not closely describe the real taste of the solution. Oftentimes, the description on the label is exaggerated.


For this, there is a new e-liquid reviews website that joined the roster of web resources giving insights in the quality of e-liquids. JuiceDB or Juice Database may be a new website, but what it promises to offer can be very unique and different from all other websites offering e-liquid reviews.

Website Interface

Upon visiting the e-liquid reviews site, you will already be able to realize that its interface is simple and intuitive. You can do your search for e-liquid reviews according to vendor or to the name of the juice. Click on any option and you will be able to see the average score it has gathered from the community.

Fellow Vapers Help Each Other

This e-liquid reviews site is one place where you can read about juice reviews made by actual vapers. As you read on other vapers’ e-liquid reviews, you are also given the option to post and share your own evaluations. As of the moment, the site is ongoing construction so that while offering insightful e-liquid reviews, it will also be improved to better serve electronic cigarette users. There are already a good number of e-liquid reviews available, but more reviews are still needed.

Invitation To Join

Since e-liquid reviews come from its members, its creator Aaron Cox is inviting more vapers to join and sign up. Joining will not cost anything, yet you will gain a lot from joining. Anywhere in the world you are, you can join and read e-liquid reviews from the website.

Sections To Find In This E-liquid Reviews Site

In this section of Juices And Flavors, you can track e-liquids that you prefer or do not prefer. You can also look for flavors and even help fellow vapers to choose which they would like best. Under Vendors And Shops section, you will be able to share with other members from across the globe about this little shop you like to order your liquids from, about which vendor they can get the best or worst customer service. Every time a review is added, the website’s team will analyze the accuracy of the review. On your user profile, you have an option to summarize opinions and share them with other people.

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