Waves Of Electronic Cigarette Regulation Stifling A Possible Life-Saving Alternative

by Johny

Electronic cigarettes are recognized by many groups and users as possible solutions to save the lives of millions tobacco smokers. However, these supposed harmless products are now at risk of getting stifled by the increasing number of countries, places and states implementing electronic cigarette regulation.

Testimonial From A Vaper

Jonny Lavery is a 31-year old vaper from London. He said that he fears dying and want to avoid it in any way he can. He was a smoker for 15 years and the realization hit him three years ago that his smoking habit would be his ticket to quick death. About half of all smokers in the world have died because of their smoking habit. Tobacco cigarettes are simply too enjoyable for smokers that it is difficult for them to just abandon it. However, Jonny said that he found a better alternative to smoking: vaping or using electronic cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes are devices that contain e-liquid and powered by small batteries. E-liquid is the solution made up of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, nicotine and added flavors. With the help of the battery, the atomizer or heating element heats up the liquid and turns it to vapor. The user can draw on the device that may look like a real cigarette (other designs and styles are also available) and also puff on it just as what is done with a tobacco cigarette. It also produces vapor that likewise resemble smoke. This resemblance to traditional cigarette and the ability to deliver nicotine are what made electronic cigarettes popular among 1.3 million vapers just in UK only. In USA, analysts predicted the sales of electronic cigarettes to rise up to $1 billion this 2013.

When a group of vapers or users of electronic cigarettes sit and vape together, just as Jonny and his friends do, they appear not as a group that fights against smoking, but merely vaping enthusiasts who are happy they found this smoking alternative. They vape together and discuss each other’s flavors and devices.

Another one from the group of Jonny’s friends is Shari Levy who is also an ex-smoker. The current flavor she is using is toffee popcorn and according to her, she was also like other smokers who tried using electronic cigarettes for stopping herself from smoking. Then, after using the device for some time, she realized that she is not anymore into tobacco taste.

Electronic Cigarette Regulation For Other Concerns

Health regulators warned the public of the numerous dangers that smokers expose themselves to when they use tobacco cigarettes. Thus, smokers regard electronic cigarettes as safer alternative because they give them their nicotine, but with no other tobacco tar or toxins.

Safer as these devices seem to users and proponents, health experts and governments differ by stating that there might be no tobacco dangers from electronic devices, but this does not mean they are completely free from other risks. Electronic cigarette regulation allegedly aims to protect people from the unknown life threats from electronic cigarettes.

Moreover, the devices still deliver nicotine, which can be very dangerous if an overdose, happens while vaping. This is according to the statement delivered by the oncologist Maciej Goniewicz from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Buffalo, NY). He was one of those people who tested the devices and the vapors they produced.

He also said that there are no solid research done yet that will guarantee the long-term effects of using the devices. He said that although electronic cigarettes are not absolutely safe; they are still safer if compared to tobacco cigarettes.

Another issue that triggered widespread electronic cigarette regulation is standardization. In UK, the MHRA will soon regulate the products as medicines so that all products in the market will be guaranteed safe, effective and of high quality. There were several reports concerning some devices as substandard. There was one user who announced that the device he used exploded in his mouth. In the US, there was a couple who bought the device and a few days later, it exploded while they were driving the family vehicle. The accident caused second-degree burns and trauma to the woman. In addition, incorrect labeling of nicotine doses was also confirmed in some products.

Aside from quality, electronic cigarette regulation is also set to reassure groups that tobacco smoking would not be re-normalized by electronic cigarettes. Another issue that the regulations attempt to cover is the possibility of these devices to attract young and underage users with the glowing tip and tempting flavors.

Possible Life Savers Likely To Be Extinguished

Despite the promising benefits from vaping, legislators across the world are launching the surge of electronic cigarette regulation that threatens to wipe them out from the market. In Mexico, Singapore and Brazil, electronic cigarette importation and selling are banned, but tobacco cigarettes are still available for smokers to buy. This, then, makes some people wonder if the government is really concerned about the health and welfare of citizens or about the revenue that the government collects.

In America, different states have also implemented varying electronic cigarette regulation and policies. In some states, it is illegal to sell them to minors such as in Arizona. In New York, the same ban is implemented along with the prohibition of vaping if you are in close proximity at 100 meters from any school entrance. An electronic cigarette regulation also exists in Washington where vaping is not allowed in public.

In Europe, there is a draft legislation that also includes UK restriction on electronic cigarettes. By 2016, all electronic cigarette manufacturers must submit their products to licensing procedures that will test electronic cigarettes under the category of medicines. People aged less than 16 years old are not legal buyers of these devices.

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