Green Smoke Accessories

Green Smoke accessories are designed to add more fun to your e-cigarette experience.

  • Portable cases are great for organizing your e-cig kit into one neat pack that slips easily into your pocket.
  • Rubber tips allow you to share your e-cig with your friends without getting their lips on your mouthpiece.
  • The Green Smoke USB cigarette provides continuous vaping while you wait for your batteries to fully recharge.

For less than $20 you can get a Green Smoke metal carrying case that fits 2 batteries (long or short), 2 cartomizers, and a USB charger. Or if you prefer, you can use it to hold 1 battery, 4 cartomizers and a USB charger. These slim cases come in solid black, white, and green.

Green Smoke leather cases have been crafted to hold and transport everything an e-cigarette smoker needs. They feature soft touch leather for a superior feel, precision stitching for outstanding performance, and slots for 2 batteries (with cartridges attached), 3 extra cartridges, and a USB charger. These zippered cases are available in black, brown, and tan.

If you want to share your e-cig with your curious friends, the best way to do it is by attaching rubber tips to the mouth end of your cartridge. By using disposable tips, you can ensure that different lips never touch the same place.

For heavy smokers, a single long battery may not be enough to last an entire day. If your battery is still charging and you do not have a spare, you can use a Green Smoke USB cigarette to quickly satisfy that craving. USB cigarettes do not run on batteries. They are powered by a standard USB port on your computer or wall/car adapter. For the best value, get the Green Smoke U-Power Pack which includes one USB cig, 5 cartomizers, a wall adapter, and a car adapter.