Green Smoke Batteries

Green Smoke batteries come in two sizes:

  • The short battery weighs 14 grams and measures 4 inches with a cartridge attached.
  • The long battery weighs 18 grams and extends to 4.6 inches with a cartomizer screwed in.

Your choice in battery depends entirely on your vaping style. If you want an ecig that feels like a classic 100’s cigarette between your fingers, then get the short battery. The long battery gives you extra power so you can smoke more between charges.

Short batteries can produce around 300 puffs (the equivalent of 25 cigarettes) while long batteries last approximately 400 puffs per charge (or 33 cigarettes).

On average, the short battery takes 4 to 5 hours to recharge completely while the long battery takes 5 to 6 hours. If you feel an intense craving and can’t wait for your battery to fully charge, use a Green Smoke USB cigarette for continuous vaping power from any USB port.

If you are a social smoker, you can probably last an entire 8-hour work day on a single full charge. It is highly recommended that heavy smokers always carry a spare battery.

Green Smoke batteries are only available in automatic models to enable you to keep the same fluid motion while smoking electronic cigarettes. Although manual batteries can provide the best vapor, they require the push of a button every time you inhale, which can be annoying for first-time users.

Green Smoke batteries look exactly like regular cigarettes – the same white color as rolling paper with tiny flecks. If you want a more stylish battery, check out Green Smoke’s Designer Collection which features Cooperstown, El Paso, New Orleans, Chicago, Charleston, Seattle, Manhattan, and Springfield styles.

Get the Green Smoke Super Pack instead of three individual batteries to save $35. Make sure that you use a Green Smoke coupon code to enjoy more discounts.