Green Smoke Cartomizers

Green Smoke cartomizers revolutionized the electronic cigarette industry by combining the atomizer and the cartridge into one disposable configuration.

Around five years ago, e-cig atomizers often got clogged with the vaporizing liquid. Using the same atomizer over and over again led to a poor tasting and inferior vaping experience. Green Smoke decided to take a different approach to e-cigarettes by creating the cartomizer.

By combining the atomizer with the flavored cartridge, vapers don’t have to keep the atomizers to reuse them. After you smoke them, just throw them out. The result is a smoother, cleaner, and fresher smoking experience.

Inside each Green Smoke cartomizer are four main ingredients:

USP-grade propylene glycol, USP-grade vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring.

Each Green Smoke cartridge can produce up to 360 puffs – comparable to around 30 traditional cigarettes. One cartomizer usually lasts an entire work day for heavy smokers.

Green Smoke has created four flavors that are popular among smokers and three specialty flavors that add a little twist to your vaping experience.

Those who are new to e-cigs will love the familiar taste of Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Red Label, Tobacco Gold, and Menthol Ice. Absolute Tobacco offers the bold, sweet taste of natural tobacco. The Red Label is comparable to Marlboro Reds. Tobacco Gold is a rich blend of Burley, Oriental, and Virginia flavors similar to a cigar. And Menthol Ice has a very strong, refreshing, mint taste – just like Salem, Kool, and Marlboro Menthol.

Green Smoke’s specialty flavors are designed to match your typical smoking routine. Many smokers take a quick puff after eating. Green Smoke’s Smooth Chocolate and Vanilla Dreams flavors can satisfy not only your post-meal craving for cigarettes but sweets too! If you like taking your morning cup with a smoke, Green Smoke’s Mocha Mist is the perfect complement to your favorite brew.

To try several different flavors, order the Green Smoke 5-flavor variety pack.

Green Smoke cartomizers are available in five nicotine strengths:

Strong (2.4%), Full (1.8%), Light (1.2%), Ultra Light (.6%), and Zero.