Green Smoke Chargers

Green Smoke chargers are a must-have for any vaper, especially if you do not have a USB cigarette. The only way you can enjoy the rich flavor and thick vapor of Green Smoke is by using fully charged batteries. A weak battery can result in lackluster vapor and a slightly burnt taste.

The most basic charger that should be included in any e-cig kit is the USB charger. The Green Smoke USB charger is designed to connect all types of Green Smoke batteries to a power source. You can plug the USB charger to any standard USB port on a computer or a wall adapter or car adapter. For best value, get the USB Charger Super Pack which includes 3 USB chargers for $10 less.

If you want to charge your ecig battery through an electrical outlet, use a Green Smoke wall adapter. Screw in your e-cig battery to a USB charger, connect it to the wall adapter, and plug into any two-prong outlet. For one great price, you can purchase the Green Smoke Home Charger Kit which includes a USB charger and a wall adapter.

Because e-cigarettes do not leave any odor, you can smoke inside your car without having to roll down your windows. Green Smoke has made it easy for vapers to use their e-cigs on the road by offering a convenient car adapter. Simply attach your e-cigarette battery to a USB charger, connect it to a Green Smoke car adapter, and plug into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

Green Smoke has created two special adapters that allow you to charge your electronic cigarette batteries and power your USB cigarette as well. These high-powered adapters come in white to distinguish them from the regular wall and car adapters that are black in color.