Senio is known as a reliable provider of unique, original and ingenious ecig mods like the Senisis, an advanced genesis-style rebuildable type of atomizer. 

Senisis by SenioFeatures And Description

A superior quality rebuildable ecig atomizer mod, Senisis is made using only materials that are approved by the FDA.  It can work with silica wick and SS mesh.

As what can be expected from a genesis style RBA, this mod is certain to deliver lots of vapor and amazing throat hit along with delicious taste of e-liquid.

The device can be easily set up without shorts or leaks. Senio truly offers a classy and uniquely designed product with this.

It is completely handmade so you are sure that every detail is well attended to and dealt with, according to how you want it to be customized.   It is designed with a 510 connection, which is common in most ecig mod accessories.

The tank is large enough to hold more e-liquids so you can vape more without the need to refill or replace frequently.  Most of all, the device is small and lightweight that you can conveniently use it anytime or place inside your purse or pocket.

Technical Specification

This RBA can be made from stainless steel, brass or Padouk wood, depending on how you like the ecig mod to be.  It measures 22 mm in diameter and about 52 mm in length excluding the drip tip and the 510 connector.

Its top cap may be flat or slant.  The surface can either be bushed or satine.  The tank that can hold about 3 ml of liquids is made with PMMA glass in 22 mm in diameter, 25 mm in length and 1.8 in width.

You can request for the size of air hole that you like, but the standard offered is 1.3 mm.  Custom requests for wick hole size and wicking system may be specified, otherwise, it will be made according to the standard 3 mm and single or U wick.


You may check on Senio website regarding the pricing of your custom order device.


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