Electronic Cigarette Ban Being Considered By TUSD

July 28, 2013

TUSD or Tucson Unified School District in Arizona is considering electronic cigarette ban that will prohibit staff, students and the general public from using the device on the school grounds.  This ban will be added to the currently implemented smoke-free policies in TUSD campuses. Moving On With Time TUSD said that the inclusion of electronic […]

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Electronic Cigarettes And Fracking Alike In Parallel Worlds

July 20, 2013

In this world we live in, we often find two different things caught up or involved in similar scenarios; and thus, we think and contemplate whatever we might learn from them.  One excellent example is fracking and electronic cigarettes. What Fracking Is Fracking refers to the method of drilling sideways and deep down so as […]

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Waves Of Electronic Cigarette Regulation Stifling A Possible Life-Saving Alternative

July 18, 2013

Electronic cigarettes are recognized by many groups and users as possible solutions to save the lives of millions tobacco smokers. However, these supposed harmless products are now at risk of getting stifled by the increasing number of countries, places and states implementing electronic cigarette regulation. Testimonial From A Vaper Jonny Lavery is a 31-year old […]

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Electronic Cigarette Popularity Continues To Soar Despite Successive Regulations

July 16, 2013

Elders used to say that when something is forbidden, the more it will appear attractive to those it is prohibited from. Perhaps, the elders are correct in this assumption, particularly in the issue of electronic cigarette popularity. Electronic cigarettes are devices powered by batteries to activate its atomizer that will turn the e-liquid into vapor. […]

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Electronic Cigarette Ban On Minors Supported By ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes

July 14, 2013

Electronic cigarette vaping is like tobacco smoking that is not supposed to be intended for minors. Therefore, different places not only in the US, but also in other countries around the world, have implemented electronic cigarette ban that would prohibit sale, promotion and access of the products to young people under the legal age. One […]

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JuiceDb.Com Is The New Source For E-liquid Reviews

July 12, 2013

Electronic cigarette reviews are often all about the device; such as how long its battery would last, how stylish its design and packaging is, how long battery charging should be or what other accessories can be used with it. Nevertheless, there is still another aspect about vaping that every user also needs to consider and […]

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What to Pack When Traveling with Ecigs

July 10, 2013

The most difficult part of any trip is packing a suitcase. If you forget something or reach your destination unprepared for an unexpected event, it could ruin your vacation. Smokers can afford to leave a lighter behind. You can easily pick one up from convenience stores or gas stations. But if you are using electronic […]

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Why Electronic Cigarettes are Superior to Traditional Cigarettes

July 9, 2013

Electronic cigarettes are designed to create the look and feel of tobacco cigarettes yet many smokers are still hesitant to replace the real thing with its electronic counterpart. Here are some of the major reasons why electronic cigarettes are better than traditional smokes. Price One of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes is price. They […]

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